November 16, 2023

Minority leader Dr Ato Forson has said the late Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur has been vindicated when he said a time will come for the current vice president to answer his own 170 questions; “the time is now”.

This follows Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as running mate setting one hundred and seventy questions to the then Vice President, Late Amissah Arthur to answer when the country was facing some economic challenges at the time.

“Alhaji Bawumia I besiege you in the name of Allah the most precious, please answer the one hundred and seventy questions. This insensitive, cruel and out of reach and bye bye budget would inflict more pains and hardship on the ordinary Ghanaian and businesses as if the suffocating taxes is not enough this government has introduced a number of tax handles”.

At a press conference immediately the finance minister finished with the presentation of the budget and the House adjourned, the Minority Leader addressing the media, noted that the vice president said to be arresting the Ghana cedis.

Dr Ato Forson mocked the Vice President who claimed at a point to have arrested the dollar and kept the key with the IGP. But the dollar has broken jail and is now on the run faster than Usain Bolt. “The late vice president was right when he said a time will come for the current vice president to answer his own 170 questions the time is now”.

“The vice president as head of the economic management team does not understanding what is going on in the economy; he is out of reach and does not understand what is happening and what the ordinary Ghanaian is going through.

And the NPP government has pushed the ordinary Ghanaian into extreme poverty and this is as a result of what the Catholic Bishops Conference has describe as the massive corruption under President Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia”, the Minority Leader stated.

According to him, the NPP promised to move the economy from taxation to production but rather we see a reverse gear over taxation without production.

And today the finance minister has taxed our brothers and sisters from Abossey Okai, Kokompe and Suame Magazine and mechanic shops across the country are at their backs. Unfortunately he failed to announce policies that would reduce the suffering of the ordinary Ghanaian.

And the way they have introduced taxes, they have it in the budget if you are not careful you would not see it; they have introduced taxes worth eleven billion Ghana cedis. They are re introducing an environmental duty exercise to cover plastic product and packaging.

Again industrial emission tax, called emission levy and increase the stamp duty.

The legacy of the vice president and the finance minister is there for us to see; a bankrupt economy. All the finance minister knows to do is to over borrow to benefit his businesses and his friends. He would be remembered for destroying Ghanaian businesses that has to do with his rivals.

“He has brought our economy on its knees, he has forced pensioners to their early graves, he gave crude and painful haircuts, and pushed eighty-five percent of Ghanaians into extreme poverty within two years. This government cannot be trusted, the NPP has messed up Ghanaians big time, we need to know this, we the previous government gave them a number of inheritance, they had three active oil producing fields and they inherited energy sector levies.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/