January 20, 2011

NDC Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo, Michael Teye-Nyaunu has accused Deputy Trades and Industry Minister Mahama Ayariga for orchestrating his exclusion from the last list of ministerial reshuffle, in which he was to be named as Sports Minister.

Hon. Nyaunu, who is an ardent critic of the Government and sometimes considered a traitor as one who made public issues about President Mills’ ill-health, told Citi News Mr. Ayariga and some vicious people around the President derailed his chances of becoming a Minister of State.

“I had information that I was nominated for position of Minister of Sports. I was informed about this the night before the announcement. The following morning, a different name appeared all together and subsequent investigations show that, people like Ayariga and the rest, cancelled my name and substituted with a different name”.

“The credibility lies in the fact that, I heard this from the Appointments Committee of the President. I am not interested in the post but I am interested in fairness. I am so content with where I find myself as a member and Leader of the ECOWAS Parliament. Interestingly, people who contested like Ayariga and lost their seats are those who are hovering around the President and confirming decisions or otherwise” he said.

The man who is unhappy about several happenings in his party for which he fears the party could lose the 2012 elections, wants the President to be wild awake to know those who surround him better.

“I am appealing to his Excellency to wake up and use a better lens than what he is using now. He has to reinvestigate the people around him to see how things are going. We have to pray for the President and acknowledge that he has a clear problem on hand. For me, I wish him the best of luck”.

Hon. Nyaunu was however optimistic that the newly appointed Sports Minister, Hon. Kofi Humado will do a better job.

When contacted, the former Spokesperson to the President, Mr. Mahama Ayariga said the allegations could not be taken seriously since he did not have the power to fire and hire Ministers.

“I am tempted to be flattered by Hon. Nyaunu’s comment because he elevates me to the status of a person who is capable of crossing out names that the President has sent out for appointment. If I had those powers, I am sure I wouldn’t be where I am. I want to state emphatically that His Excellency the President exercises the power to hire and fire, and if he found Hon. Nyaunu as fit and proper to occupy any of the portfolios, I believe that at the right time he would invite him to join the Government” he said.

Mr. Ayariga said although Hon. Nyaunu had said unkind things about him including the fact that he lost his seat as an MP, he fails to recognise that he (Ayariga) was part of those who campaigned for him to retain his seat in Lower Manya Krobo.