CEO B 5 Plus
November 11, 2022

Management of B5 Plus, a steel manufacturing company based in the Kpone Katamanso Municipality in Ghana wants government to intervene to resolve some land challenges hindering their expansion drive.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mukesh Thakwani briefing the parliamentary press corps during their industrial visit to the place stated that land litigation has taken a toll on their quest to expand their operations.
According to him, three supposed owners have so far surfaced on the 660 acres of land they acquired to expand their operations.

He stated that though they initially purchased the land from a company here with clear land title with the Ministry of land, other group surfaced which they had to negotiate with just to proceed with their operations.
But just when they started work on the land, a third group came forward claiming to be the true owners, a situation that stalled every development on the said land.

The CEO said it’s been five years since this issue lingers on, but expressed gratitude to the Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry for their support in partially resolving the issue.
Unfortunately, they are unable to continue developing the land as people keep worrying them each time they try doing so.

He believes that if land issues as this are sorted out seperately and directly since they have land tittles to it, it would help make the “made in Ghana dream” come true, as they (B5 PLus) and other manufacturing companies would be able to create a lot of employment, if the expansion drive is carried out, and this would bring in a lot of foreign currency to help stabilize the cedi.

Established in 2002, B5 Plus is a leading Ghanaian steel manufacturing Company that produces steel products for Ghana and West Africa.

B5 Plus Steel Company is a one-stop shop for high quality steel products, ranging from beams, to stainless steel plates, reinforcing bars, scrap bars, roofing and nails, among many others.

B5 Plus has constructed one of the largest, strategic, state-of-the-art steel manufacturing plants in Africa, under the 1D1F (One District One Factory) programme, in line with the vision of the Government and their mission to promote “Made in Ghana” products.