November 6, 2014

The Majority Leader of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has chastised government over what he says is poor handling of the workers tier two pension scheme.

This is the first time a senior government official is criticizing government for failing to address the issue properly and getting labour to side with them.

12 labour unions have been at loggerheads with government over their tier two pension fund.

They accused government of failing to transfer their contributions into a privately managed account, hence embarking on a strike to compel government to expedite action on the issue.

Speaking at a lecture in Accra organized by the Center for Social Democracy Ghana on Wednesday, the Majority Leader said the recent collision of labour unions with government is an indication that the government has lost its social democratic principles.

He argued that if government could not effectively manage the grievances of the labour unions, “how can you control corruption?” insisting that “it is democracy in crisis.”

“How can workers be at loggerheads with a social democratic government? That is what you have in Ghana. The workers are usually the common people who are struggling to survive who are being exploited and social democratic governments should be in bed with work forces, is that the same in Ghana? No! Needless fights,” he lamented.

He added that “we have a lot to do in this country and I’m happy that you the youth have this unique opportunity to learn.  I did not get that.”