December 5, 2015

2nd Deputy Majority Chief Whip, Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim, was Friday, crowned best farmer in the Banda District Assembly.

Mr. Ibrahim, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area beat twenty four other farmers to win the prestigious district award that recognizes individuals with best farming practices.

He was lauded for cultivating 25 acres of yam, 50 acres of agushie, a half acre of okro, a half acre of plantain, 50 acres of cashew, 60 acres of cassava, 50 acres of beans, maize among other crops.

Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim, receiving his prize as the best farmer, Banda District.

He took home a motorbike, a set of roofing sheets, agro-chemicals, a knapsack sprayer, wellington boots, and cutlass among other things.

Charles Addo and Ama Nsiah were also recognized as first and second runner ups respectively.

They also took home a mattress, a set of roofing sheets, bicycles, agro chemicals, and Knapsack sprayers.

All the awardees were given a certificate that recognized their immense contribution to the agricultural sector.

The event which took place at Drobor was the third in the history of the district since its creation in 2012 and formed part of the 31st National Farmer’s Day celebration across the country.

Presenting the award to the legislator, the District Chief Executive, Jacob Boateng, said the Ghana to take-off industrially and achieve development, the agricultural sector forms the basis.

The three best farmers in the Banda District. From left, Ama Nsiah (Second Runner Up), Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim (Overall district Best Farmer) and Charlese Addo (Ist Runner Up)

To this end, he said the Assembly will continue to support the agricultural sector since about 75% of the indigenes engage in farming as a source of livelihood.

He bemoaned the mass migration of the youth in the area to other countries, especially, the Middle East, to seek for greener pastures but ends up being subjected to all forms of inhumane treatment.

That aside, he called on the people to change their attitude towards the environment, drawing their minds to how climate change has affected the rainfall pattern in the agricultural sector.

“We can do this by practicing more organic farming and avoid cutting down trees, especially, for charcoal purposes. We should also be careful in handling fires so that our farm lands and crops will not be lost as the dry season starts,” he noted.

Mr. Boateng also appealed to the farmers to cultivate the habit of savings to enable financial institutions to come to their aid whenever they needed funds to expand their farms.

Hon Ahmed in a brief remark after receiving the award challenged people holding key positions in the country, especially, politicians, to show leadership by going into farming to serve as an example to the youth.
Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim donating the motorbike he won as the prize for the best farmer, Banda District, to the Omanhene of the Banda Traditional Council, Nana Okokyeredom Kwadwo Sito I

Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim donating the motorbike he won as the prize for the best farmer, Banda District, to the Omanhene of the Banda Traditional Council, Nana Okokyeredom Kwadwo Sito I

“It is about time politicians in Africa, especially, Ghana go into the farming business. They must exhibit leadership with example for the youth to follow. Go to some countries and see what those in leadership positions are doing in the agricultural sector. Even in neighbouring La Cote d’Ivoire, all the big men have farms,” he noted.

He also challenged the youth to remain focused on whatever dream they are pursuing, noting “there is hope in Ghana. If we will remain steadfast and do our work well, we shall surely succeed.”

Hon Ahmed, therefore, cautioned the youth of the area not to be swayed by none existing jobs abroad but rather channel all their energies into agriculture to make a living.

The motorbike he won as the topmost prize was donated to the Banda Traditional Council to assist with their land surveying activities in the district.