June 10, 2013

Member of Parliament for Bortianor/Ngleshie/Amanfro, Bright Edward Kodzo Demordzi has adviced inhabitants of seven communities in his constituency who are to face severe flooding, not to pay deaf ears to the warnings by Ghana Urban Water Limited (GUWL) to spill the Weija Dam soon.

He said it would be in the interest of the constituents themselves to begin to move from the catchment area of the dam rather than staying put and losing their lives and property in the event of the spillage.

The seven communities all in the Ga South which are located downstream the dam are Bortianor, Lower Weija, Lower Oblogo, Lower McCarthy, Sapema, Tsokome, and Tetegu, as well as Pambros Salt Manufacturing Limited and Bojo Beach.

Following recent rains, the water level of the Densu River, which is the source of water for the Weija Dam, is rising steadily.

According to officials of the Weija Dam currently the water level is 42 feet and does not pose any danger, but the existence of the dam would be threatened if the water exceeds the safe operational level of 47 feet as the facility would breakdown.

Hon. Bright Edward Kodzo Demordzi expressed confidence that if the Hydrology Department could help desilt the Densu and the Kokodzo Rivers the effect of the spillage on the lives of the people will to a large extent to minimize.

He blamed the ability of constituents to put up their buildings at those places which are ‘no go’ areas to the lack of adequate planning systems by the assembly.

Hon. Bright Edward Kodzo Demordzi urged the assembly to step up its inspection role to ensure that buildings and other structure at not put up on the catchment area of the dam.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh