June 19, 2014

As Ghanaians continue to endure the uncomfortable power rationing due to lack of adequate investment in the energy sector, the Bui Power Authority is said to be lavishing $3 million on a Golf park and a recreational centre for staff of the Authority.

The Minority in Parliament, who made the claim at a press briefing on Thursday, wondered how the BUI Authority could be allowed to spend money on golf course at a time when it cannot even produce at capacity.

The Minority spokesperson on Finance, Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei who addressed the media, questioned who was to play golf there? “How can the Minister of Finance come to parliament to request for approval of a loan for facilities like (fishing harbors, irrigation facilities, landing sites, railway infrastructure, etc the cost of which has not be established now due diligence”.

According to the Spokesperson on Finance, the Minority was not fully abreast with how the Bui Authority spent an amount of 100 million dollars approved by the House for investment in the Authority.

The Minority was not excited about with how an amount of $57 million from the $100 million was used.

Meanwhile the Bui Power Authority has strongly denied the assertion.

In an interview on Joy FM Thursday afternoon, an Assistant Communications Officer at Bui, Mawuli Kojovia described on thrteelive the allegation by the Minority MPs as “scandalous” and should not be taken seriously.

He adds that, the Authority has no such thing as a Golf Course and does not have any immediate plans to build one.