December 22, 2017

The Buipe and Yapei bridges over the White and Black Volta which have been closed down for repair works will be re-opened to traffic on Sunday, 24 December, 2017, Roads and Highways Minister has told Parliament.

The Minister directed for the immediate closure of the two bridges which are crucial to economic activity between northern Ghana and rest of the country which Engineers say were so weak they could collapse anytime.

He gave the disclosure on the floor of Parliament in a comment as the house approved an amount of GHC 532,689,187.00 for the year ending 31st December, 2018 for the Ministry.

The Roads and Highway Ministry requested over GHC 3 billion for its activities and programs but was granted a reduced budget of just a little over GHC 500 million.

This,the sector Minister noted, will affect the Ministry to undertake its overall objectives. .
According to him the Ministry needs a lot of money to undertake its activities.

The over GHC3 billion request he said was to help the Ministry defray debts owed contractors who were owed from up to five years without being paid and carry out its activities.

The road fund which is expected to generate GHC 1.2 billion from four sources including fuel levy constituting 94% of the total revenue, monies for toll Booth, the DVLA, and transit charges of foreign vehicles.

The current administration he said has done a lot in this few months and has paid over GHC 1 billion to road contractors.

By Christian Kpesese