June 11, 2013

Cabinet has submitted an anti-terrorism Act to parliament for approval. The Act is expected to ensure government is able to punish or freeze the assets of individuals or groups engaged in terror related acts without proper reference to the UN Security Council law.

Deputy Minister of Information, Felix Owusu-Kwakye, told Joy News the amendment Act will help with the proper definition of a terrorist.

Researchers at the Centre for Advanced Strategic Analysis (CASA) have said while US and UK assistance is welcome in Ghana (and other states along the gulf of guinea), there is increasing danger that the next stage of the war on terrorism would be fought within the gulf region.

“The friends and suppliers of oil to the US could increasingly come under attack as a means of punishing the US or its allies. If it is established that the source of oil comes from this region, it is likely the region would see more attacks offshore,” they stated.

Other analysts also have said a recent video coming from Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group, in which they have held a French national hostage, suggests the terrorist organisation “is metamorphosing from being a local group with a mainly Nigerian agenda into a more international jihadist outfit”.

The Deputy Minister said the Act is aimed at providing the security agencies with the “adequate wherewithal” to designate groups and individuals as terrorists so they can be dealt with accordingly.