March 10, 2014

The NPP Member of Parliament for Okere Constituency in the Eastern Region has described the call for introspection to ascertain the cause of defeat in the last two general elections by certain individuals in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as an “insult to the party”.

According to Hon. Dan Kwaku Botwe, it would be wrong for some members of the biggest opposition party to assume whatever they say about the party must be sacrosanct because their position could be born out of ignorance.

“…Sometimes, for people to suggest that we don’t do any introspection, it is just painful. This is not just insulting but painful. We do it and it and we will continue to do it. And if we do it, we will put it in the public domain.

“Even after losing the 2008 elections, we went round the country and listened to everyone and had workshops all over the country to study the findings. We even have a group of people at the University of Cape Coast who studied every meeting and wrote very nice reports after every meeting,” he explained on NEAT FM .

The former Chief Scribe of the NPP made this disclosure after Dr. Kobina Arthur Kennedy chastised the leadership of the party for not really analyzing the causes of the party’s defeat in the last two presidential elections.

In the view of Dr. Arthur Kennedy, the party has not done a soul searching to find out the factors that contributed to the defeat in the 2008 and 2012 general elections and without that the party is likely to repeat its mistakes.

However, Hon. Dan Botwe deems that as an insult to the entire party because analysis of the reasons for which the party won or lost an election has been part of the party’s culture since 1992.