March 10, 2020
Cape Verde was denied the third Deputy Speakership position on Monday in Niger where the fifth Community Legislature was inaugurated for non-payment of their Community levy.

In the fourth Legislature they occupied the four Deputy Speaker position and in the fifth Legislature the Community lawmakers were pushing for third Deputy Speakership position because in the immediate past legislature they had occupied the fourth position.

First Deputy Speaker of the fifth Parliament Ahmed Idris Wase pointed out to lawmakers from Cape Verde who kept making interventions to occupy the third Deputy Speaker position their financial status from what they are told cannot allow them to occupy that position.

“The institution cannot function without our contribution and for me this would serve as a deterrent to anyone who want to be a member of the Community your right start first with your contribution, this is what we have been told unless there is another issue to change the narration”.

He further pointed out to the Cape Verde delegation they lost on the opportunity of occupying the position of a Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament for the same good reasons.

On his part Speaker Rt. Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis indicated to the Plenary that he was not going to open the issue up for debate and assured his colleagues from Cape Verde after the plenary he would have a special section with them for further discussion  and assured them if there is anything they think they would lose by not occupying the third Speaker position he would make it up to them.

When touched based with the former fourth Deputy Speaker of the fourth Legislature Orlando Pereira Dias he demanded the interview in Portuguese, as the journalists made attempts to get an interpreter he indicated that he was not prepare to grant the interview.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/