January 28, 2014

The former National Coordinator of the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), Abuga Pele has described his prosecution for causing financial loss to the state as “Unfair and Unfortunate”.

“We all agreed as a country that we needed these modules to train people so that the youth who are walking about can get something to do. And it is a fact that many many youth benefited from this programme, and it is now made to look like some evil thing was done, somebody somewhere cheated and some loans were given without parliamentary approval, without procurement and all those things.

“Yes, the various contracts that were signed with them, I agree they should have been taking through procurement and other things, but go and find out, before 2009 whether any of those contracts were taking through procurement, they will castigate you without understanding the issues and without putting into perspective all the process that took place at the time and I think that it is unfair and unfortunate,” he said on Joy News.

Abuga Pele has been charged with causing financial loss to the state during his headship as GYEEDA boss. He has also been charged with defrauding by false pretenses and aiding and abetting crime.

Abuga Pele and the CEO of Goodwill International Group were in court last Friday to respond to a total of 19 charges leveled against them.

However, the two were granted bail and insisted their hands are clean.