September 7, 2018
Contrary to views expressed by Bolgatanga Central legislator Isaac Adongo that Bank of Ghana (BoG), did not provide him with comprehensive document necessitating his walk out, his colleague on the Finance Committee from the Minority, Benjamin Kpodo, has contradicted him by saying the three hundred page document was put on the committee’s whatAsp platform.

If you are on a platform and something is sent there you cannot say you have been marginalized,  it was from the Bank of Ghana, what we have in hard copy is the Executive summary, we are asking relevant questions at the committee which would assuage the fears of the public, he said.

“when we start our work and we feel we are being handicap in asking for some information, we have the right to ask for further information, we have been doing this work for a very long while sometime when loan agreement come before us and we feel that there is the need for a supplementary information we ask the agency to go and bring it.

We are just staring I do not think there is a problem at the meeting so far if we need information after our enquires, we would still ask for information”.

He was however quick to point out that it was within the right of his colleague Isaac Adongo to demand for information and again it was his decision to walk out, no body is compeled to stay in any meeting.

“If you feel strongly not to be part of a meeting you can absent yourself”. And  as to whether the probe is a cover up, he said, “we do not understand it like that. We are still in the meeting and all the remaining Minority members are asking questions”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/