June 15, 2011

The 23 year old nursing student of Central University College, according to the father, was found loitering around the family’s Sakumono residence traumatized and unable to speak.

Dominic Azumah told Joy News he suspects his daughter was put under a spell.

According to the father’s account, the lady recounted how she met two strangers at Sakumono Estate Block A4 near the Sakumono Shopping Mall who used some charms to spellbind her.

He said one of the men, with a Nigerian accent, first walked up to her to “humbly” request for a direction to a supposed gathering of some students of the Methodist University in that area. Even though she had no idea about that meeting, the father said she tried reaching a sister who is a student of that school to see if she could be of help.

It was within that moment that another man, also with a Nigerian accent emerged from nowhere with tales about how she has not been successful in her financial management, Mr Azumah said.

“You appeared to be a very brilliant girl, but unfortunately whatever resources you get, whether it’s money or… it doesn’t stay. It goes and you cannot explain how you handle your funds. There is somebody who… is pursuing you and unless you work on it you will not be yourself,” Mr Azumah narrated what the daughter told him.

The man then held her palm and decided to perform some signs to prove his claims, the father said.

He said the man then placed a stick in her palm and was asked to turn her palm. Lo and behold, she found the stick at the back of the palm, which the man insisted was to establish the fact that “there is a hole” in her hand which is why her resources were going waste.

According to Mr Azumah, within five minutes they managed to psyche her up and she willingly responded to the spellbinders’ commands.

“They just told her please follow us, and she was following…picked a taxi at that late hour, drove her to Pampram (her school’s campus), took her to her house where her colleagues are,” Mr Azumah said, at the point she was asked to tell her friends that four men were pursuing her and they need four computers to enable them identify the people, which she obliged. She managed to get the men four laptops as demanded.

“Then after few prayers and incantation, and what and what, they asked her to go and pick a stone and come.

“It was when she went and picked the stone and returned [that] she did not see the people…and she regained her consciousness and realized that what has happened to her,” Mr Dominic Azumah recounted the mystery surrounding her daughters reappearance.

Source: joy news