January 29, 2021

Minister designate for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Ebenezer Kojo Kum is advocating for resources to be made available to the chieftaincy adjudicating committee to ensure speedy resolutions to the numerous chieftaincy disputes in the country.

According to him when that is achieved Ghana would be the beneficiary at the end of the day, as he has gotten in touch with his predecessor who has briefed him and told him when he came into the office there were three hundred and twenty-five disputes.

And as at the time he left, there were three hundred cases left, despite the fact that two hundred of the disputes had been dealt with. “It shows that whiles the pending cases are being resolved, new cases are added on”.

In an interview ahead of vetting of Ministers which starts on February 10, 2021, he noted that one of the institutions whose developmental agenda cannot be done without is the chieftaincy institutions.

Chiefs are the custodians of the land and culture, and the institution that cannot be by-passed without any developmental agenda, which is why in most of the state institutions like, “council of state and lands commission our respected chiefs are made members”.

And added that, in his discussion with the immediate passed sector Minister, it came out clearly that the vision is to ensure the institution lives up to its respected responsibility by promoting nation cohesion and advocating for development, “that is one area we need to emphasis”, he said.

Mr. Kojo Kum acknowledged that chieftaincy disputes have unfortunately bedeviled the institution, but if advantage is taken of the talent and resources and turn around it would go to the advantage of the country’s development.

“Ones I am approved I would team up with the officers of the Attorney General and the various judicial committees of the various regions, we should be able to resolve some of the challenges”.

 Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com