November 20, 2019
Minority Leader and Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Haruna Iddrisu has said the Bank of Ghana must come clear on the clean-up exercise it had embarked upon in the banking sector with the support of the Finance Ministry.

According to the Tamale South lawmaker, the Bank of Ghana has its report before the Finance Committee but had not touched on the clean-up exercise.

“Conspicuously lost in the Bank of Ghana report is the report on the clean up at the banking sector, we need to know and we the Minority would demand that”.

Again, families have experienced death, pensioners same, and what is government doing  to support them in that respect?

The Finance Minister said he want to do justice to persons who have lost money in the process of the cleanup of the banking sector, it cost the state not less than twenty billion Ghana cedis, “the only justice you can do to the Ghanaian people especially depositors is to give them their money”.

He made this remarks on Saturday 16th of November at the beginning of a  post-budget workshop for Members of Parliament at Job 600 of Parliament House at Justice D. F. Annan auditorium.

“It is not as if we should praise you for a banking sector clean-up when we have lost twenty billion cedis for undertaking this exercise out of lack of capacity to raise minimum capital. as we speak the banks are still vulnerable, many of their assert regime remains at the same level.

Now microfinance and saving institutions have all collapsed, the contribution on the financial sector hinges only on the banking sector.”

He pointed out that the Minority would demand answers on what the Finance Ministry came to ask the two billion for in pursuit of the Ghana amalgamated trust and more importantly the Bank of Ghana as reported to Parliament in their half year report.

“Nothing said about the Banking sector clean-up, their report is before the Finance Committee, the Ministry in the exercise pursuant to amendment on Act 931 requires that the Bank of Ghana report to Parliament”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/