October 19, 2019
Chairman of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Ben Banda Abdallah has said the committee would present its report when the House resumes from recess ending of this month.

The committee has held a stakeholders meeting on the companies Bill 2018 before the committee that is yet to go through second reading.

In an interview, chairman of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee noted that committee members need to abreast themselves of what the public view when it comes to company law.

He further revealed that when the committee presents its report to the plenary, which is the second reading it has to go through the consideration stage, where clauses would be taken one after the other.

“We need to provide an easy environment for doing business, as to how many days it takes an investor to register a company in Ghana, reserve a proposed name for a company and to alter the object”.

Mr. Ben Banda Abdallah noted that the company law as it stands now is not in tune with current economic trends of companies.

You can decide to register a company to trade in oranges today and later decide to go into mango, we do not have that at the moment we are amending the law to enable businesses do that.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanams.com