August 18, 2016

The Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Baba Jamal has said he learnt his major lessons in politics after a mysterious tape emerged allegedly concocted by some elements within the NPP that he bribed some journalists to spew lies.

Interacting with sit-in host Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr Chat Wednesday, Baba Jamal said he had the shock of his life in the incident which ultimately tamed him in politics.

Amidst the allegations brought against the vociferous politician, he was moved to the Tourism Ministry by the late President Mills whom he had served under his government as a Deputy Minister of Information.

Baba Jamal, the vociferous politician lost in frontline politics after the scandal made against him years back, but said it was a turning point for him where he learnt how to tread cautiously lest he stumble in politics.

For him, it was in his best interest that late Mills reshuffled him to the Tourism Ministry afterwards.

“When that thing happened it actually affected me as a person and my moral principle, because as a Mulsim the worst thing that you don’t want to happen to you is for somebody to call you a liar.

Meanwhile he has denied ever invoking curses on the New Patriotic Party after the mysterious tape emerged.

Baba Jamal’s alleged tape scandal

Mr. Jamal in 2011 was captured on an audio recording allegedly threatening to sack workers of the Information Services Department (ISD) if they failed to project the then Mills government in good light.

“Yours is to make government look good, whatever the circumstance. If the government buys sheep and gives it as a gift, you are free to say it is a cow. You are free to say that. If the colour of the sheep is black, you can say it was a white colourful cow,” he allegedly said per the audio recording.

He continued: “…If you take negative public [issue], you give it to us secretly. If we hear you have leaked it to the public we will fire you and we will defend it. I am just making it clear.

“We are going to the elections next year, so the MCEs, any ISD staff who is going against his ethics or mandate let us see him quickly before he sees us out.”