May 5, 2014

Government is funding the construction of a bridge on the Mole river to open up Daboya/Mankarigu for the purpose of boosting agric related activities, as well as trade and commerce, the Member of Parliament for the area, Baani Abudu Nelson revealed.

He said this move will help minimize the woes of the constituents and also contain the usual situation of over flooding during the rainy seasons whereby commuters are completely cut-off because the route from Busumu-Daboya might be inaccessible due to the rains.

Interacting with, the MP contended that Daboya/Mankarigu is essentially an important spot in the North as the area to a large extent represents the food basket in the Northern region.

He therefore estimated that improving the road network in the district will be a catalyst for pushing growth and development in the whole area.

Meanwhile, the MP also pointed out that the 80 km Daboya-Mankarigu stretch also needs urgent attention to fix it so it could relatively enhance and ease transportation for travelers.

He said the road has not seen any major rehabilitation since its construction in the regime of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, which has left it in a bad shape affecting smooth transportation in the area.

Jonathan Adjei/