July 8, 2010

Bawku Central MP Adamu Dramani Sekande was on Thursday July 8, acquitted and discharged of six out of nine criminal charges filed against him in a dual citizenship case at an Accra Fast Track High Court.

A Bawku cattle dealer, Sumaila Bielbiel dragged the legislator to court few months after the 2008 general elections.

He claims the MP owes allegiance to some countries other than Ghana.

The Constitution disallows prohibited immigrants from contesting for membership in Ghana’s Legislature.

However, Hon Dramani is to open his defense in relation to the three other counts which include perjury and false declaration for office.

But one of his Lawyers, Egbert Faibille Jnr has told Citi News his team is likely to contest the ruling.

‘‘Even three of those two counts, the position of the court was that, the particulars of the offense by the prosecution were defective, except that the law is that, in such circumstances if even you consider the effectiveness of the particulars of offense, if you go on Appeal, would the court of Appeal say that the inconsistency or the defectiveness of the particulars are so fundamental that they cannot find a sustainable charge? The court was of the opinion that no, It will still be sustainable so that is why the two counts are remaining in relation to the other one. But we think that we are happy, but as it is, we will study it and take further and better particulars from our client, and we believe that it is likely that we may contest’’ he said.

The Plaintiff, Mr. Sumaila Bielbiel also told Citi News he is elated the truth is slowly coming out. According to him, even if the MP is found guilty of one of the charges, he would be vindicated.

‘‘I was very happy about it because now I know that the court system of Ghana is working very well. People are saying that I am lying about all that I am saying so now that the truth is coming out, I must be happy about it’’ he said.