February 4, 2021

Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Alban Kingsford Bagbin has directed that starting next week, the House would meet twice in a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This, according to the Speaker is in view of Fifteen (15) Members of Parliament testing positive to the novel coronavirus, out of the two hundred and twenty-seven members who submitted themselves to the testing conducted by the Noguchi Memorial Medical Institute which ended on Wednesday, January 3, 2021.

Additionally, fifty-six (56) staff of the Legislature also tested positive from one hundred and ninety-three (193) members tested.

Mr. Bagbin made this revelation on the floor of the House on Thursday, January 4, 2021, and noted that despite the end of the exercise, a mop up would be done on Friday, January 2021 for those who have not done the test to subject themselves to the test.

He further directed that Members of Parliament who visited private facilities for their COVID-19 test should submit their tested report to Parliament’s medical doctor.

“Those who have tested positive to avert further spread had been contacted and advice so self isolate and given prescription to facilitate their recovery, Parliament is taking steps to test the household of those who have tested positive for treatment”.

Again, only MPs and members of staffs who are needed for the business of the House on Tuesday and Thursday would be allowed in the presence of Parliament next week, and noted that the marshal has been directed to enforce the directive not to allow those who are not needed in the presence of Parliament.

Mr. Speaker further directed that the Business Committee should take note of his directives and added the induction session for the new Members of Parliament on Friday, February 5, 2021 those who have tested positive are excluded and as well as those who are yet to submit themselves to the test.

He said MPs would be informed accordingly when resource persons would be having virtual presentations, and warned that, he would not hesitate to name and shame members who flout this directives.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com