March 25, 2020
Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye has given clear indications that parliament would not shut down and backed his stand on the fact that parliament is recalled to attend to emergencies even when the House is on recess.

His declaration follows continues pressure from the Minority for the house to suspend sittings and lockdown in the face of the corona virus outbreak.

“If we should go on holiday tomorrow, we would be recalled anytime so we should be on the alert and we expect the media to cooperate with us and let our country men and women know this” the Speaker added.

He again urged the media to advice members of the general public who do not have serious business to perform in the House not come to the House, “those who use this House as a tour fair should stop”.

“Our proceedings can be followed on our internet sources; facebook, website and we hope we can publish as much as possible what we are doing to curb the spread of the virus. We would not reduce this to politics, we have a nation to build if you have a good suggestions bring it on board for us to do something for our nation”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/