March 17, 2020
Former Speaker of the Liberian Parliament and current leader of the delegation to the fifth sub-region Community Parliament, Edwin Melvin Snowe Junior said the Parliament should have maintained its original closing ceremony of Friday, March 13, 2020 instead of Thursday.

According to him that would have allowed the West African Health Oraganisation (WAHO) to brief the Community Parliament on steps being taken to combat the corona virus should there be outbreak in the sub-region.

He recounted in an interview that his country Liberia few years had to deal with the deadly EBOLA, adding “so that we can understand the issues, the challenges we are expected to face. If developed countries are having challenges in combating the diseases, what about those of us in third world countries? It is a key issues and very important to the Parliament.”

Mr. Snowe opinioned that in the wake of the spread, it could stall some activities of the activities of the Community Parliament, as health comes first and hope that the health authorities in the sub-region can work out how the diseases would be dealt with.

And hoped that not in the too long distance future the issue would be resolved as the spread of the corona virus would be difficult to combat in the sub-region.

On the issue of the upcoming first Ordinary Session of the fifth Legislature in May this year, he noted that it is a long time, adding that he is not sure the disease would be defeated at that time since there were just few cases in the sub-region at the time.

He added that the corona virus outbreak has been reported in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and gradually spreading into the sub-region and hope it would be combated in the not too long distance; “So that we continue to work for the Community”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/