Dr. Emmanuel Marfo
October 13, 2022

Member of Parliament for Oforikrom, Dr. Emmanuel Marfo believes with the right leadership, Ghana can win the war against indiscriminate disposal of waste and keep the environment clean by leaning and adopting best practices from Rwanda. According to him you need to have leaders who are committed in enforcing laws and he does not think there is any magic to this.

In an interview at the ongoing 145th Inter Parliamentary Union meeting in Rwanda as to what we can take home as a country- Ghana, he said “we have witnessed very clean environment in Kigali, Ghana, we have the laws that prohibit behaviors that make the environment dirty, what is left is enforcement; that is where we need leadership both at governmental and local government level”.

The law enforcement agencies have a role to play, the media and there is the need for greater education and advocacy and more importantly the need to enforce the laws. And if Ghana does not do that it would not be able to meet what is being witness in Kigali. As to whether Ghana would get there one day, he responded; “hopefully that is what we are all calling for, we are all going to add our voice to it, increasing our reference to Kigali as an example of what leadership can do”.

According to him, the African story is not a hopeless story, and believes if we have the right leaders who are determined to fight and enforce the laws that the country has passed, then we should be able to get there. If you put it in the contest of illegal mining – fight against ‘galamsey’ or any other fight we are faced with in Ghana, it comes down to the same principles – leadership and enforcement”, he said

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com/Rwanda Kigali