September 3, 2013

The Member of Parliament for Bortianor-Ngleshie-Amanfrom Constituency in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Hon. Bright Edward Kodzo, has revealed that the whale found lifeless at the Kokrobite sea shore will have its bones extracted, preserved and used for tourism purposes.

According to him, measures are currently underway to bury the mammal in order to prevent any stench from polluting the fresh air in the area and its environs.

Hundreds of people trooped to Kokrobite yesterday to catch a glimpse of the strange creature believed to be a whale found dead on the sea shore at Koklobite.

News about the weird mammal broke in the early hours of yesterday when fishermen in the area found it while returning from their fishing expedition.

This brings to two, the number of such strange creatures found dead on Ghana’s shores in the last three days.

The first mysterious sea creature also suspected to be a dead whale was reportedly found at Jomoro on the shores of the Ahanta Beach in the Jomoro District of the Western Region.
Kokrobite beach is a popular rendezvous for fun lovers as well as holiday makers.


Meanwhile, Hon. Kodzo in an interaction with said although he had invited a team from the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Fisheries commission to carry a postmortem on the huge mammal, it was however difficult because the mammal was already dead and on the verge of decomposing.

The MP explained that for the postmortem to be effective, the mammal should have been alive or died not too long ago.

“I believe the whale might have outlived its lifespan or encountered a problem in the aquatic environment or marine pollution leading to its death,” he intimated.

Bumper harvest

The indigenes have however expressed happiness over the death of the mammal ascribing that, to them, it was a sign of good omen since it could mean a bumper harvest of fishes this year.

Godwin Allotey Akweiteh/