August 22, 2019

As Parliamentary primaries for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) draw closer, a trip down to the Ningo-Prampram constituency by can reveal that the two contenders, Samuel Nartey George and Michael Tetteh Kwetey are busily campaigning to win votes of delegates.

According to the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) Samuel Nartey George, delegates of the party would determine the best man to represent the party in the constituency in the 2020 Parliamentary election.

He noted in an interview that reception on the ground has been very warm, despite some misinformation that had gone on earlier, the truth is that the message has gone down well and the delegates themselves are politically experienced.

“They have been able to decipher and know what the truth is, I believe I am moving towards a massive victory come the 24th of August 2019 there is nothing to be afraid of”.

As to whether he is okay with the conduct of the executives of his party, in the wake of some candidates complaining of the conduct of party executives, across the country he did not comment.

“For me the delegates are looking at the candidates the two of us weighing the task ahead they would determine who is the best man for the job, I know I stand head and shoulder tall in this competition”.

On the issue of the need for Ghanaians to know the role of a lawmaker he pointed out that before he became an MP, while he contested former MP, E. T. Mensah in the 2015 primaries one of the things he was extremely mindful of was telling delegates that he would give them the best of representation in Parliament.

“The problem is when you have an opposition who does not appreciate what the role of a Member of Parliament is, you have someone who is contesting you giving promise that he is going to give people employment in the security services, going to give them a slot at Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GAPHA), get their road fix and give them job in government”.

He lamented and noted that it muddy the waters and such people basically inflict the delegates and voters with their ignorance, if you are not careful and principled you are forced to jump into the fray. I keep telling people that the job of the MP is a legislative work when it comes to development, I am going to be the chief lobbyist.

“Vote for John Mahama and me because when he is the President it gives me very good leverage as your representative in government, we have winner takes all politics, no matter how good my speeches are the Akufo-Addo government would be reluctant to take it because they are coming from an NDC MP.

Our best bet is to have your party in government to attract development.Here the message is going down well, like I have said in Parliament before we need to manage the perception very well and that is the role of the public affairs department of Parliament and as MPs we need to engage our people on this”.

Mr. Samuel George Nartey pointed out that delegates in the upcoming NDC primaries are not first time delegates, they appreciate the dynamics of politics, when your party is not in government you are handicap and he noted that many of party supporters have given him encouragement, they tell him to keep on with the fight and it is something that gives him a lot of hope, he said.

“They appreciate the challenges of being a first timer opposition MP in Parliament they encourage me to keep pushing for the benefit of the good people of the constituency and hope that the NDC comes to power we would be in a better position in terms of development”.

Again across the country, not only in Ningo-Prampram even in constituencies that you have New Patriotic Party MPs there is no development going on, once central government is not involved in development projects there is no way that you can conjure development projects to your constituency, he lamented.

“I would stay focused and keep my eye on the ball and not get destructed I would keep on doing what I have to do for the right things to be done”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/