January 22, 2018

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Owusu popularly known as Joe Wise has urged Ghanaians not to believe just anything said about public office holders including politicians without crosschecking the facts.

He expressed disappointment about the description of mere allegations as scandals in the media.

Mr Osei-Owusu noted that targeting people with wrong doings without proves of same tarnishes people’s hard won reputation and must therefore be checked.

The Member of Parliament for Bekwai also emphasised the value of teamwork and individual contributions for the attainment of set goals.

According to him every single individual, and units in an organization along the value-chain in the public service delivery process is very important whiles urging that each is appreciated for their contribution.

According to him, the failure of one unit has replicating effect on others along the chain hence the need for all to discharge their responsibilities effectively and professionally for the benefit of the country.

Responding to varied number of issues on UTV morning Show last Friday, the Chairman of Parliament’s Appointment Committee noted that competency is different from popularity which mostly wins votes.

This he observed accounts for the poor performance of some people in elected positions of society.

By Christian Kpesese/ ghanamps.com.