February 17, 2020
Minority Chief Whip, Mohamed Muntaka Mubarak has served a notice to the World Bank not to threaten Ghana and Africans with cutting aid if they do not uphold gay and lesbian rights.

According to the Minority Whip, not only are issues of gay and lesbian rights alien to Africans, but also less importance in the scheme of things.

“Europeans and those in the developed world do not accept polygamy, and we in Africa do not have issues with that. Just as you do not accept polygamy in your society, please do accept we do not accept gay and lesbian rights in our societies as Africans”.

He further pointed out that there is no need to split heads over this issue to the extent that when the World Bank wants to support African countries they should not be foot dragging, and wondered if Africa were richer than the developed world, would they accept polygamy before accepting Africa’s resources?

He made this remarks when the World Bank Country director to Ghana, Pierre Jean Laporte called on Speaker Professor Aaron Micheal Oquaye.

And pointed out that Ghana’s major challenge today is youth unemployment as the youth graduate from the Universities but they are unable to secure jobs, because the country is exporting raw materials without adding value.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com