December 6, 2017

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei Owusu has urged members of the Parliamentary press corps not to allow the misconduct of an individual Member of Parliament (MP) to run down Parliament as an institution.

He further called for individual MPs who misconduct themselves to be isolated and expose them. He further noted that elsewhere in other democracies, the political class is very keen to protect its image.

According to the first Deputy Speaker, if you are a member of this group and you are mentioned for misconduct they will isolate you.

When they conduct their own investigation and find out that the allegations are true they will quickly isolate you, “let you not bring our dirt muddy the rest of us”, he said.

Again Parliament must be promoted for you to be held in high esteem, for Journalists to be seen as relevant in your work but if “I misconduct myself join in the crusade to isolate me”.

My cancerous behavior should not spread in the organization, my misconduct should not be used to run down the institution because you will also go down with it, he stated.

If you make up your mind as journalists who cover parliament to make it insignificant, at the end of the ray it will reflect on you yourselves and people will say these are the people who work in that “useless” institution.

Mr. Joseph Osei Owusu urged members of the press corps to specialize and sort to know ifthere are a group of Journalists in Parliament who are trucking the financial agreement that has come to the House?

“Everybody is complaining that we are paying too much interest on loans as stated in the budget again if we pay all the interest we will not be able to pay salaries. How has these loans affected the economy, did we get value for money on the money we borrowed this should attract your attention as Journalist”, he said.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/