December 17, 2013

More youth in the Hohoe municipality are soon expected to be absorbed into various business enterprises to strategically minimize youth unemployment in the area.

This is an initiative being spearheaded by the Member of Parliament for the area, Dr. Bernice Adiku Heloo, in her bid to intervene in facilitating more jobs for the local dwellers to better their lots in the municipality.

Following this, a committee mainly made up of religious leaders has been formed already in the constituency to help co-ordinate and make the bulk of economic interventions yet to be rolled out by the MP a reality.

In an interview granted with by the MP through her Personal Assistant(PA) disclosed that regarding the youth unemployment intervention onboard, she has charged some officials to gather a database of all unemployed youth to be introduced into various skills training including mobile phone repairs, batik tie and dye, agriculture, and sliding doors/ windows amongst others.

On education, Dr. Bernice Adiku Heloo has already advanced an amount of about GHS 10,000 to cater for scholarship schemes of brilliant but needy students at various levels and still receiving applicants for assistance in education.

She indicated that education remains a priority to her and will not hesitate to invest appreciably in education to boost the quality of education in the municipality.

Jonathan J. Adjei/Alice Abubakari/