June 29, 2024

The Committee on Roads and Transport on Thursday, June 27, 2024, visited the Kasoa Winneba road to see for themselve progress of work done so far which is at thirty percent (30).

The project is being executed in two phases as phase one is from Kasoa to Akoti which is eighteen (18) kilometers and phase two twelve kilometer (12) from Akoti to Winneba and being executed by two local contractors which is government of Ghana funded.

Chairman of the Committee Kennedy Osei-Nyarko led the Committee to undertake this oversight. Other members of the Committee were Hon Samuel Atta Mill, and Hon Ayii Laadi Ayamba.

The project which started on March 29, 2024, is expected to last for thirty-six calendar months and so far thirty percent of work has been done on the project.

Engineer Paul Dua who is the director of Survey and Design at the Ghana Highways Authority took the Committee members through the aim of the project being executed as an implementing agency.

He briefed the Committee that, the trunk of road being worked on helps connect the national capital to Winneba, Cape Coast and Takoradi for the purpose of commence, education, tourism and production centers like factories among others.

And over the last twenty years it has not seen proper intervention as there are unacceptable travel times on the stretch of the road, uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, unsafe turns, likely head on collusion as a two lane road. Therefore, there is the urgent need for the dualisation of the road.

He further pointed out that moving into the future around the Winneba round about there is likely to be an interchange.

On compensations, he disclosed that they have paid fair compensations during the Japanese time but if someone was not paid, they would look at it, stating that in most instances these are some of the challenges that delay the road project and gave example of the Pokuase road construction which issues are in court.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Highways Authority Collins Donkor in a question asked by the chairman of the Roads and Highways Committee noted that compensation has been paid on the stretch of the road when in 2006 there was a Japanese funding for work on the road, hence any person who comes forward for claims would be looked at.

Hon Osei-Nyarko noted that the Ofankor road construction is having delays due to issues of compensation and wanted to know if they have factored that into the work they are doing.

He further pointed out that he was impressed with work done so far and if work is done at same pace, the project would be completed ahead of the expected thirty-six months completion.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com