January 26, 2020

Controversy on the road map on a single currency for the West African States rages on between Francophone and Anglophone Finance States, as Anglophone Finance Minister and Central Bank Governors have already expressed their displeasure with the unilateral renaming of the CFA Franc as ECO this year.

Secretary General of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament, John Azumah has said the implementation of the ECG is an issue of no return, and must be done.

According to the SG, implementation of the Eco requires civil society, and all segments of the Community States. “It is either you go into the ditch or  you come out of it;   the only way to die is death”

Addressing journalists at the ongoing extraordinary meeting at the Gambia, he gave an overview of the achievements of the fourth legislature and admonished that Africa should stop blaming its woes on Europe and former colonial masters.

He was quick to point out that Africa’s colonial masters can work against Africa, with the view that, if Africa is successful they would go down. “They should leave us for us to go and die no problem”.

Mr. Azumah confirmed that the controversial single currency, ECO had been looked at by the Community Parliament, “politics of money, colonial ties and tradition die very hard if you are not careful and look at things critically can destroy the whole process”.

He further added that ECOWAS Parliament encouraged Heads of States and they took their views with the controversies, and believes the Heads of States are up to their task and would resolve the issue, as single currency is part of the integration process.

“Otherwise forget about it, we need to improve our trade relationship, and single currency issues should be resolved. We do not need a deadline of implementation, we would insist that the issue be resolved for Parliament to be able to play its role”.

And added that when the  issues are resolved there is a bigger chunk of work to be done as the ECOWAS Parliament, civil society, Journalists would have to explain and sensitize the Community citizens, the real people who are going to benefit.

“We have a big issue of first getting them to understand and accept the currency as to what we can gain out of the single currency”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com/Banjul