May 21, 2019
Lawmakers at the First Ordinary Session of the fourth legislature, for this year have lamented and express serious reservation about the truant nature of the Nigerian delegation and the First Deputy Speaker Sulaimon Lasun Yussuff.

Nigeria has thirty-five lawmakers in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament but always have less than ten lawmakers in a session.

Speaker Mustapha Cisse Lo last year complained bitterly about the attendance of the Nigerian delegation to the session.

Former Speaker of the Liberian legislature and Leader of the current delegation to the sub-region Parliament, Edwin Marvin Snow Junior made a passionate apple for his colleagues to take the sitting of the House serious.

“As Nigeria has thirty-five members (35), never have they had more than ten (10) members in a session, all of us here have responsibilities back at home all of us here are obligated and committed to our countries and we are different leaders in our countries, but we come to Nigeria, Nigerians do not come to session”.

He further pointed out that Monday when Liberia presented its country report, the third Deputy Speaker Prince Yomie Johnson was talked about, “true he is not showing up equally speaking the First Deputy Speaker Sulaimon Lasun Yussuff Nigerian is perpetually absent”, he lamented.

According to him, the development is not good for their, adding “when Nigeria was giving its country report if you notice, a few of our colleagues came but few minutes after signing they left, “what is equally painful is that we stay in corridor some of the Nigeria senators and representatives come out of their vehicles they sign in the attendance, they turn out into their vehicles they drive out”.

“We all here are responsible people, we all have commitment to our countries, we want the Nigeria delegation here to make commitment to us her today, that moving forward they would attend session, we have responsibilities like them back in our country when we come here we all receive equal allowance and sitting fee and we should all do the work equally”.

Meanwhile, the house adopted the last country reports even though majority of members were not too happy because, they wanted the issue of truancy of Nigerian MPs to ECOWAS Parliament addressed.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/