Hon Fatoumatta Njai Gambia MP
September 29, 2021
Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament and Gambian Parliament

After successfully ending their fact-finding mission in Cape Verde, Speaker of the Community Parliament, Rt. Hon Sidie Mohammed Tunis and his team have landed in the Gambia ahead of their Presidential elections in December, 2021.

A member of the team from the Gambia, Fatoumatta Njai, in a phone interview with Ghanamps.com noted that she hopes the delegation proceeding to the Gambia would look at the signals and compare notes on the two countries, Cape Verde and the Gambia.

“My believe, coming from the Gambia, I think this is a completely different scenarios from the Gambia, what I have seen and from what I have experienced in the Gambia, I think Cape Verde is exemplary”.

Hon Mahama Ayariga

She further pointed out that the mission was an eye opener, the people of Cape Verde are calm, assertive, and they respect democracy and the rule of law as “we met with different stakeholders the presidential candidate’s, government, opposition and independent candidates, they have all said the same thing and express same concerns and satisfactions”.

And added that it is a good sign for democracy for the opposition and the ruling party to agree in their differences and shows that the upcoming elections would be fair and transparent; “they have all given us their assurance, their decisions would be mutually acceptable”.

But indicated that, should they have any query, they would take it to the right place which is the constitutional court.  And noted that it is well established and they visited the constitutional court and they also gave them assurance that things would move in a fair, transparent and justly manner.

“It has been a good mission and this is what ECOWAS Parliament should keep doing; it is better to be proactive than to be reactive, the elections mission would serve as early warning and would prevent any chaotic situation from happening”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com