May 31, 2021

Chair of the ECOWAS Council of Ministers, Shirley Ayorkor Botchway in an interview with journalists at the end of an emergency Extra Ordinary meeting of Authority of Heads of States and Governments in Accra, indicated that Mali has been immediately suspended from all ECOWAS institutions.

According to her, coup is something that ECOWAS frowns upon, it occurred previously and whiles addressing it for the country to return to democratic rule, it has occurred again, “so it was incumbent on the heads of states to look at the whole situation and take a decision so that it does not occur again”.

And to save guard the security situation in the whole of West Africa, the Heads of States are going according to the protocol on democracy and good governance; but was quick to point out that ECOWAS would ensure that the transition is on track towards the end goal of returning Malians to democratic rule.

“Half of the country is not controlled by government but by rebels and terrorist that in itself is a situation that needs to be addressed. We are happy to know that the international community is working with Mali, France, US, UN, African Union and ECOWAS. We are all working to ensure that we sought out this security situation as it has repercussions for the rest of West Africa Region”.

As to what has warranted the current take over, the Foreign and Regional Integration Minister of Ghana said, the Junta said there is issue with corruption and security so they had to take the situation into their own hands, hence ECOWAs had to intervene and apply sanctions to Mali.

“So that we are able to get them to commit to return the country to democratic rule, and the Heads of States have resolved to work with their mediator and Mali would be engaged to ensure that they do not derail from the transitional path, and hope the international community continues to engage them”.

Madam Ayorkor Botchway, emphasized that whatever the situation it would have negative effect on the people of Mali, but the goal is to ensure that the military junta follow the rule of the game to the transitional charter, by getting back to the road map that would take them back to elections, “not only presidential but parliamentary and local elections”.

In addition, she added that the Heads of States in a few days expects a civilian Prime Minister who would form a transitional government, “we have eight months left as part of the deadline February ending 2022 when the Junta are supposed to handover to a democratically elected government”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/