November 8, 2022

The Member of Parliament for Krachi West, Helen Adjoa Ntoso said it is about time government put some premium on the plight of residents in island communities in her constituency. She said the conditions under which the people in island communities live need to be improved through government interventions particular in critical areas like education, health, and road infrastructure in order to assure them of some better lives.

Speaking with, Madam Ntoso noted that government is paying little or no attention to education in these island communities which spell doom for the future of most of the children who would aspire to become something other than the traditional jobs of their parents.

She said it took her intervention to assist about 95 percent of the schools in such communities through self-help projects to be built using mud (clay). She encouraged and supported them with the supply of cement, roofing sheets and wood.

But for the self-help initiative and her (MP) supports communities like Chenekope, Basare, Asutuare, Volivo, Okumah, Mauritania, Odumankuma, Adankope, Kponfre, Akweba, Gamorkope, Aglakope, Old Chantai, and Old Dobeso would not have a school.

And in recent times, when some of these schools have their roofs ripped off, she had to step in once again and has already provided about 300 bags of cement and 40 packets of roofing sheets, and next week, a lot more of the communities will have theirs.

These are Ghanaians, and they are entitled to the national cake, so government must distribute the resources to get to them too. They lack a lot of social amenities required to make lives better for them”, she emphasised.

Dominic Shirimori/