Finance Ministry wants President to defer assenting to ‘Anti-LGBTQ+’ Bill
March 4, 2024

Even before the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values (“Anti-LGBTQ”) Bill passed by Parliament on the 28th of February, 2024 is submitted to the president to assent to it, the Finance Ministry has recommended some actions to help minimize the impact of the bill on the 2024 budget.

Among the recommendations include:
a. H.E. the President may have to defer assenting to the Bill until the court rules on the legal issues tabled by key national stakeholders (CSOs and CHRAJ).

b. structured engagement with local conservative forces such as religious bodies and faith-based organizations to communicate the economic implications of the passage of the “Anti LGBTQ” Bill and to build a stronger coalition and a framework for supporting key development initiative that are likely to be affected;

c. an effective engagement with conservative countries, including the Arab countries and China. This could help trigger resources to fill in the potential financing gaps to be created; and
The recommendation is based on assessment carried out by the Ministry on the implications of the passage of the Bill on the 2024 budget of the country.

Per the assessment, it is believed that the reactions triggered by the passage of the bill from some of Ghana’s Development Partners, International Financial Institutions and CSOs in the country is an indication that the country would suffer some dire consequences by way of financial support from these institutions.

The report concludes that “the passage of the new Bill calls for fortifying local financial systems, strengthening African financial institutions as well as our development journey in partnership with other countries. In line with the Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda, Ghana can navigate the complexities of international relations and emerge with a robust, resilient economy with Ghanaian ownership of the commanding heights of the economy.”

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Implications of – Anti-LBTQI BILL_240304_082203