November 13, 2018
First Deputy Whip of the Majority side, Moses Anim had to plead with his colleagues on Thursday afternoon to prevent early adjournment of proceedings in the House when the new found practice adopted by the House was to call for quorum for the Speaker to adjourn proceedings.

According to the first Deputy whip the House had not gotten to its official mandate time of closing which is 2:00pm when the House was being called upon to adjourn because of quorum.

The quorum crusade started when it was mid-day after the Interior Minister Ambrose Dery had taken four (4) questions on the floor of the House.

“We all know the history behind the Right to Information (RTI) bill, if by two o’clock we want to adjourn within our limit it is okay. This citing of Standing Order 91 is not doing Parliament any good”, he lamented.

He then advocated for the House to work till 2:00pm then there could be adjournment when the issue of quorum came to play around twelve o’clock.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/