March 6, 2021

Former Twifo Atti Morkwa Member of Parliament (MP) Abraham Dwuma Odoom is on board to assist the Akyem Oda MP’s dream of improved rice production as well as establishing a rice processing factory in the constituency under the ‘One District, One Factory (IDIF)” policy.

He would be serving on the Special Committee on accountant of his profession, and reminded the people Akyem Oda of being the one who inverted the Cocoa High Technology used in Ghana, and has been to Ivory Coast to introduce such technology that gives them high yield.

And on rice production, he has been to Liberia and Nigeria to help them plant their own rice which has led to reduction in their importation in rice.

“I pledge to help Akyem Oda plant rice, I started as an Assemblyman ended up as Deputy Local Government and Health Minister in addition as a consultant, the lord has used me in the field of agriculture I sue to follow my father to the farm to plant rice”.

Mr. Odoom urged constituents of Akyem Oda to be patient with their leaders especially their MP to help achieve his campaign promise, and noted that setting up of committees to assist the MP is the first of its kind in Ghana.

He gave example of how hardworking leaders can transform the lives of their subjects, citing his own experience when he was the former District Chief Executive of Twifo Atti Morkwa, where according to him, some funds allocated to the district for projects remained, and he wrote to then President Kufuor to add additional funds for other projects.

“My people said I was stupid because we did not share the remaining funds, but through that we benefited from a new secondary school building which was being built by former President Kufuor, and the old secondary school building was razed down and a new nursing training school built at the site”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/