MP for Krachi West
November 7, 2022

It is about time government sits-up to arrest the deteriorating economic conditions in the country because things are getting very though. This is according to the Member of Parliament for Krachi West, Helen Adjoa Ntoso. She said the frequent fuel price increases coupled with high food prices is making live unbearable for a lot of people, and this will get worse if nothing is done to arrest the situation.

The MP disclosed that she used to fuel her car with an amount of GHC500.00 to get to her constituency and still have the fuel gauge at quarter. But now with GHC1, 500.00, she still has to top up at Dambai to be able to get to her constituency.

She stated that as a representative of people who are mostly farmers and fishermen, there is always this relieve when farmers are harvesting their produce. The pressure of people coming to seek financial assistance from the MP for school and other thing reduces; but now because things are very difficult for them, the pressure of paying school fees, medical bills among other financial assistance is mostly pushed on them (MP).

And with the peculiar nature of her constituency; a resettlement community with many island communities doted all over which are only accessible by boat, the unavailability of premix fuel has also become a daunting task adding to their cost.

And because the MP cannot ignore the needs of these communities, she is compelled to visit these island communities at an exorbitant cost having to buy their own petrol and engine oil, mix the two to have their premix. And added that it would take her not less than GHc10,000 to embark on tour of the island communities with current state of affairs.

She said no one is spared the effect of the current economic turbulence in the country, but they, the representatives are not finding it easy at all as they have to always respond to the challenges of their constituents in many ways.

Dominic Shirimori/