October 5, 2022

There were cheers and tones of applause when the Member of Parliament for Akyem Oda, Hon. Alexander Akwasi Acquah announced that a contract has formally been put together to finish the repair works of the Attafuah Secondary school and Oda Senior High School.

This was during the inauguration of the newly constituted Board of Governors of Attafuah SHS today in the school. The audience couldn’t help but to cheer on the MP when he also announced that prior to the arrangements of the contracts, he found it necessary to facilitate the repair works from his own resources.

He said he was proud to announce that all the repair works in the various basic schools and the ones at Attafuah SHS had been borne by him. Hon. Akwasi Acquah said he couldn’t bear watching the school kids being put together in a crowded classroom blocks when covid was in its critical stage..

Mr. Akwasi Acquah congratulated the old board and commended them for their excellent performance during their term of office. He singled out the former board chairman for his leadership role especially during the disaster that struck on the 5th of April 2021. He also advised the new board to contact the old board in all their deliberations.

To forestall the ravage visited on people and properties whenever there is heavy rain and storms, the MP announced that he would soon introduce a tree planting club to the school to help in their efforts at contributing to addressing climate change. Additionally, he said the tree planting would serve “perhaps as memorial for our passing through the school”, and would obviously stop the tendency of indiscriminately writing on school walls as a memory, which has been the practice.