March 2, 2017

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Attah has called for the triggering of a national sense of urgency to deal with the country’s huge deficit.

According to him, its continual presence curtails the nation’s capacity to leverage its many opportunities and resources.

Presenting the Akufo Addo led-government maiden budget in Parliament on Thursday, March 2, 2017, Hon. Ken Ofori Attah stated that Ghana cannot borrow its way out of its challenges, as that will be tantamount to creating and sharing poverty which only leads to a loss of the country’s fiscal sovereignty.

“We must as a nation come together to confront our realities. The President mentioned nine days ago that he was in a hurry…Mr Speaker we must all be in a hurry to grow our way into prosperity, which this 2017 budget seeks to do.”

He added that the Akufo Addo led-administration is committed to sowing seeds that will bear sufficient fruits to make this and future generations prosperous.

“This will be done by unleashing the creative abilities of Ghanaians, facilitate increased economic activity which will lead to the improvement of peoples lives. Mr Speaker, there are exciting times ahead and there is every reason to be optimistic that our country is ready to work again…Ghana is ready because the people are ready, and in NPP they have a govenment that is ready.”