May 19, 2020

Supreme Court justice nominee Mr. Emmanuel Yonny Kulendi has said the nation needs a structure reform when it comes to legal education considering the huge numbers that seek admission to the law school and the number of universities providing legal education.

According to him, he is involved in post course legal training and internship programmes instituted by the law school.

“Lawyers in my office do not know I am an examiner at the Ghana Law School, all the noise you hear about examiners’ who pay themselves a lot of fees fail those seeking legal education it is not true, I have performed this duty as a civic duty I do not collect money for it. I set questions and mark them I am in that field and I have followed the conversation”.

Whiles before the Appointment Committee of Parliament, he pointed out that the legal educational system was designed sixty (60) years ago and has not seen any substantially re-engineering.

Hence, there was bound to be a problem because as our population increases with democracy rule of law has come to stay and legislators want to become lawyers for them to function in their lawmaking process.

“In my view every member of the Executive arm of government should have a working knowledge of the law we need some level of legal education, in the last few years accreditation has been given to a lot of universities to run faculty of law in my time in 1994 it was only Legon”.

Again, you do not need to be a prophet to know there would be a back lock and casualties, adding that there is urgent need for reform with increase for appetite for law.

Mr. Kulendi further noted that as a country there is the need for a conference to think through the problem of legal education as demand is over taking supply.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/