June 17, 2018

Deputy Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Michael Yaw Gyato has said there is the need to trumpet Ghana as a beacon of religious tolerance in the world.

According to the Deputy Minister, a study in Germany indicates that religious conflict in the sub-Saharan Africa had risen in recent decades.

The German researcher Matthias Basedau noted that conflict thrives in African states and added that there is no conflict based on purely religion but people hide under religion to achieve their selfish motivation.

Mr. Michael Yaw Gyato made a statement on the floor of the House saluting Ghanaian Muslims and other religions for co-existing and tolerating each other in their diversity.

He further recalled the debate on the use of Hijab by pupils and students in schools, the tolerance of other religions in Ghana’s mission schools and the annual ban on noise making in the Ga state.

“Mr. Speaker, I suggest to Non-Governmental organizations and Think Tanks to consider rating countries based on their Religious tolerance levels, as this would shame countries and reduce the number of deaths under the pretext of fighting for religious freedom.”

He commended Ghanaian Muslims for their fasting which would be climax by Eid al-Fitr an important religious holiday celebration by Muslims worldwide.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com