October 5, 2013

The Member of Parliament for Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) Municipal Area, Dr Nana Ato Arthur, has stressed the need for the country’s security services to be beefed up.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, Dr Arthur said judging from what had happened in Kenya, the country should be wary and security-conscious.

He said this made it necessary for the welfare of the personnel of the security services to be improved.

He added that accommodation for the security services left much to be desired and called for urgent improvement, citing offices of the police personnel at Abrem Agona and the municipal headquarters of the KEEA as examples.

Dr Arthur, therefore, called for the setting up of a security outfit to address their welfare issues and to justify the quest for them to perform effectively and efficiently.

He asked Ghanaians to support the police to combat crime by reporting suspicious persons to the police or the traditional authorities for them to be tracked down to nip crime in the bud.

He also called on Ghanaians, especially those who speak on community radio stations, including politicians, to do so responsibly to prevent the use of hate speech and pronouncements that had the potential to incite people to violence.

He said in this modern era, human and other resources should be used for development and not dissipated or used to cause mayhem and wreak havoc on the people.

Daily Graphic