April 7, 2016

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education, Mathias Puozaa has cast doubt that Ghana could get any better institution to replace WAEC, if it decides to wean off from the sub-regional examination organizing body.

At least three papers have been leaked in the ongoing WASSCE raising concerns about the conduct of the examinations, but WAEC in reaction to the scandal has stated it will not cancel any of the papers that have been leaked in the ongoing West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

This comes on the back of WAEC’s claims of advancing a software into the system that will check cheating in exams this year.

Critics in the educational sector have warned that until Ghana withdraws from WAEC,  the country risks having a fraudulent and a dysfunctional system that will gradually erode the quality of education in the country.

However, Mr. Mathias Puozaa is contending that the failure of WAEC to safeguard the integrity of exams written in the country could only be a case pertaining locally, saying WAEC had impeccable integrity globally regarding the conduct of exams.

“WAEC still stands tall as far as integrity on exams is concerned. It’s only normal that after a number of failures you sit back, restructure and take a closer look at where things are going wrong. I think there should be a way out, because there is no situation that can’t be corrected.”

For him, there won’t be any better institution that will set the pace in the conduct of exams in Ghana like WAEC, saying the current examination body beyond the trends of irregularities in the system deserves to be given a try to sit up and make things work properly.