May 2, 2019
Former National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams has dismissed assertion that the party is desperate for power ahead of the 2020 and shouting on roof top of possible rigging of the 2020 elections.

According to the former National Organizer it is not the NDC that is desperate for power but the country is desperate for change and that can only happen through the largest opposition party.

He pointed out in an interview that NDC as a party is putting its house in readiness for the desperate change Ghanaians are yearning for in 2020.

“Seriously speaking nothing is happening in the country, it is all hopelessness and depression, you see it everywhere and in everything all they are doing is to further destroy the foundation we left”, he lamented.

Again, Ghanaians have come to this conclusion, it is not NDC, rather Ghanaians are saying we are in a desperate situation they need us back, that is the message we are getting from Ghanaians, he added.

Mr. Kofi Adams further revealed that haven stepped down as National organizer of the party, that have afforded him the time to go round the country to do things he use to do in the past.

“I have spoken to young people in industry along the spintex road, they tell you they went all out against the NDC thinking that they were not business friendly that was their claim, but they have realized that they made a big mistake. This guy’s (NPP) are destroying virtually everything we have worked and toil for over the years; these are testimonies coming from people who have never voted for us”.

As to what the sample size is, he noted that there is no need for him to give one, but he has spoken to people and these business leaders are saying they will speak to their employees to vote differently.

When questioned if he is not conjecturing, he said, “when they take me to their company yard and show me what is going on people tell me the charges are high as importers, but government goes round telling people they have reduced taxes”.

In addition, the energy sector where you have current Minister Amewu and Dr. Amin established, African Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) they are taking them on for doing so many things wrong.

Also Ghanaians are seeing the mess up in the educational sector, health sector, infrastructure everywhere you see messed up situation.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/