October 26, 2011

The Member of Parliament for Sege Constituency, Alfred Abayateye says he will do everything within his power to ensure that the editor of the Africawatch Magazine, Steve Mallory is dragged before the Privileges Committee of Ghana’s Parliament for bringing the nation’s law making house into disrepute.

The editor of the Africawatch magazine has come under heavy criticism after he published the second Political Performance Index in which some 18 politicians were rated as failures, (F). The magazine scored only one person, New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for Dome-Kwabenya, Professor Mike Ocquaye, with an A while eight others followed with A-. Nine officials earned a B+.

Hon. Abayateye was graded C+, an upgrade of his performance as compared to last year’s ratings where he was rewarded with a C.

Speaking on the Citi Eyewitness News on Thursday, Hon. Abayateye said the US-based editor would not have his way this time around after refusing to appear before the Privileges Committee last year.

The embittered MP who said he is outraged by the audacity of the publishers to purport to grade him vowed to do everything within his power to ensure that the editor of the Africawatch magazine is ‘dealt with’ and prevented from publishing further reports that seek to dent the image of Ghanaian politicians.

“My constituents must assess me and not that Mallory…who is? He has no right to give me a grade because he hasn’t given me any question to answer. The legislature of Ghana will take that guy on because it is an indictment on the parliament.

“Today he may think that he is achieving his goal, tomorrow the net will catch him. Pass it over to [Tell] him that the MP for Sege says the net will catch him. There are many ways of killing a Mallory.

“He thinks he can disobey the laws of Ghana but he has forgotten that the Ghanaian parliament and the House of Representatives of America, we are all legislators”.

By: Kobina Welsing/Citifmonline. com