May 10, 2017

 The Member of Parliament for Ketu North, who is all the Deputy Minority leader Mr. James Klutse Avedzi, says the corruption allegation by the Gender Children and Social Protection Minister Otiko Afisa Djaba, against the ruling government’s northern regional chairman Daniel Bugri Naabu is a test case for Presidents fight against corruption.

He stated that, the people of Ghana are looking at how the President is going to fight corruption, “the President is telling us that when a member of his government is allege to be corrupt, he will caution the person and ask the person to apologies and that is the end”.

In an interview with, Mr Klutse emphasis that, the President should have asked a state institution to go after the person who is being alleged to be corrupt, to be investigated to establish the truth or otherwise. “But you are rather asking the one with evidence, forcing it under her throat to say I am sorry” I did not mean what I said, is that how the President wants to fight corruption in Ghana this is ridiculous?

Ghanaians are in trouble, we are asking the President to go after this allegation, a man who was touted as a person who would not tolerate corruption this is not the best way to fight corruption, he should demonstrate to Ghanaians he was the best man sold to Ghanaians to fight corruption, the Deputy Minority leader remarked.

If you are taking “goat sheep and cow” before sharing political position its corruption not allowed by the laws of Ghana, the laws of Ghana must take its own cause, he said.

The Ketu North legislator further noted that, the Minority on the appointment committee have been vindicated, when they kicked against the approval of Hon. Otiko Afisa Djaba as the Minister for Gender Children and Social protection because of her temperament.

He further express shock, over Hon. Otiko Afisa Djaba apologizing to his Norther Regional party chairman, but failing to do so when ask to apologize to former President John Mahama for describing how he managed SADA as “wicked  and “evil”.

“Somebody who yesterday was very strong, a type who will not withdraw a statement she made against for President Mahama, the same person cannot have that courage and stand to tell the current President I will not do what you ask me to do”. This is a person who cannot be role model for our Women and children and to serve as a Minister he, remarked.

The Deputy Minority was of the view that, this is the right opportunity for the President to sack the Gender Children and Social protection Minister than wait to his first reshuffle which could be in a year or more.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/