June 29, 2011

The CEO of Kencity Media and NPP MP for Assin North, Kennedy Agyapong, has in the wake of threats by the Narcotics Control Board to nail politicians involved in the use of drug money for political campaigns, revealed to Citi News that there are plots by some Government and NDC officials to frame him up with drugs.

The man, who for many years has been tagged as a drug dealer, has thus cautioned the Narcotics Control Board to conduct proper investigations so they don’t end up jailing innocent politicians like him.

Often churned out by his political opponents, no individual or group has proven the cocaine allegations against the businessman and vociferous legislator.

Being a member of the NPP, a party that has constantly been linked to “cocaine trade” by their political opponents, Hon. Ken Agyapong has struggled to change perceptions about himself, especially as a former NPP MP, Eric Amoateng, is serving a 10 year jail term in the USA after he was busted for drug trafficking in 2005.

But the man, who is sometimes seen as a rabble-rouser in the political circles, says he is a different breed of politician who speaks his mind, and works hard to make genuine money to help society.

Speaking to Citi News on Tuesday June 28, Hon. Agyapong said some members of the ruling party are orchestrating several schemes all in a bid to frame him up with drugs.

“They are all stooges sitting there. They have picked a boy at Prisons called Boateng to set me up. He set me up and said I deal in drugs and that I have an underground house at Kasoa where I am hiding cocaine and where my girlfriend is living as well. This was a serious case. And the guy mentioned some of the NDC guys doing this and when I confronted one of them in Parliament, he said oh my brother, the guy wants us to release him from jail that is why he said you deal in drugs and that your girlfriend is at Kasoa. So this is how they planned it. So NACOB has to do it investigations well and not rely on hearsay to make such statements to ridicule themselves”.

“I will withhold the name of that NDC member for now. My brother in-law Fritz Baffuor (NDC MP for Ablekuma South) was a witness when I confronted one of the MPs who is a Minister of State. I confronted him and said that I hear he has been going to Prison to talk to a boy called Boateng that I deal in drugs. All he said was that, my brother me, my father owns lands at Dodowa and all over the place and I am not a poor guy so I don’t believe in that, but the boy rather wants us to release him from jail so he told us that you have a girlfriend at Kasoa with a house underground where you have packed your cocaine and he does the distribution for you. When I linked what the boy and the Minister said, there was an element of truth that they had plotted something against me” he said.

According to Hon. Agyapong, he made contact with the said young man in prison, who gave him names of members of the Government and the NDC, who are plotting to set him up.

“How can people be so evil? They did the same thing with this Frimpong boy. I don’t know him from anywhere. But before this thing came up, people called me telling me to watch out because NDC wants to disgrace me and they are using this boy against me.
“I don’t even know this guy from anywhere until I heard it in the media”.

Mr. Agyapong added that he is not shaken by any ploy whatsoever.

“I serve a mighty God and if they frame me, just like the Frimpong guy did, they will be exposed and disgraced, just like they were going to do the second one. I have a third one too, and I will release it later. They have been going there and I know what they are doing. I have my information but I am cool. I will hit them one by one” he cautioned.

Source: citifmonline.com